Tim Gilmore from the Campaign Operations team has been nominated by Erik Bergstrom for exemplifying the Outsell Value TEAMWORK

“Tim is the Renaissance Man of Campaign Operations. Whenever a task comes up, Tim is always willing to tackle it. When new associates join COPS, or when someone needs to learn how to perform a new duty, Tim is the go-to man to help train them in. Tim can do it all, and never complains when asked to do it. When a task has a timeframe to be completed in, Tim never hesitates on whether to stay or leave; Tim just gets it done when it needs to get done. Whenever someone needs help with a project, Tim is the first man they ask, thanks to his approachable personality and fun-loving spirit. And whenever there is a competition in or out of the office, everyone wants Tim on their team. Thanks, Tim.” – Erik Bergstrom
Thank you, Tim, for going above and beyond with TEAMWORK!

Tim Gilmore – Campaign Operations

Responsibilities: Creates and maintains campaigns Bio: Graduated from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, with Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising Hometown: Champlin, Minnesota Worked in Outsell Chat Center Fun Facts: Plays in a band and composes electronic music Has an undying love of funk music, equal to his hate/disgust/fear of E.T. Struggles day to day with a cereal addiction Still tries to skateboard Outsell Transformers – Outsell Associates who go above and beyond exemplifying the Outsell Values. Learn more about the Outsell Values here.