Email Campaign Mobile Optimization

BizReport, news and insight site for online marketers, recently reported that:

“Companies that fail to optimize email campaigns for viewing on a mobile device are significantly undermining their chances of successful consumer engagement, according to much recent research.”


More and more emails are being read on a mobile device rather than on a computer screen, and marketers need to keep this in mind when targeting consumers and crafting campaigns. There is nothing lost from mobile optimization, only gains, as you are able to more effectively reach all of your consumers on the devices they prefer.

• Outsell’s data for April 2013 shows that our dealers enjoyed a 31 percent response rate to their SMS campaigns. That’s much higher than email alone.

43% of email is now opened on a mobile device – Litmus “Email Analytics” (March 2013)

• Mobile purchasing decisions are most influenced by Emails from companies (71%) only surpassed by the influence of Friends (87%). – Adobe “2013 Digital Publishing Report: Retail Apps & Buying Habits” (2013)

61% of consumers with a smartphone check their email first thing in the morning – Exact Target “Subscribers, Fans, & Followers″ (2013)

58% of marketers see Mobile smartphones and tablets affecting their email program in the next 12 months. Up from 46% a year earlier. – MarketingSherpa “Email Benchmark Report”(2013)

The most important factor in email campaign mobile optimization is Responsive Design – a method for crafting visual design based on screen size so that whatever device a customer might be checking their email on, campaigns and landing pages adjust automatically for an optimal viewing experience.

Make sure your campaigns are optimized for every screen and situation to more effectively market to consumers.