Vinay Hosamane has been nominated as an Outsell Transformer for INNOVATION!

Vinay Hosamane from the Project Management team has been nominated by Brett Gens for exemplifying the Outsell Value INNOVATION

“Sometimes the job of a Project Manager can be a difficult one, getting status updates from the team, running the daily stand-ups, communicating statuses to stakeholders, managing release activities, working late for the release…all of these things Vinay does with a smile and a can-do attitude. One of our biggest areas of improvement was to one of our development programs. It used to be a hodge-podge of Stories, tasks, and bugs, without any real good way to discern what was a part of what. This made prioritization difficult, let alone difficult to see what still needed to be worked on and when things were needing attention. Vinay dug in and keeps continually tweaking things so that the Stories all have a nice roll-up with associated sub-tasks and bugs located beneath the parent. This makes the program much easier to use for the rest of the team and keeps Stories moving through their lifecycle better. We are fortunate to have Vinay take on these tasks and work so hard to help bring clarity to our work.” –Brett Gens

Thank you, Vinay, for going above and beyond!

Vinay Hosamane – Project Management

Plans, Manages, and Delivers advanced web-based Campaign & Business Intelligence software to meet client needs, and Manages and steers towards using agile methodologies

From Bangalore, India
Graduated from Malnad College Of Engineering, Hassan, India with Computer Science & Engineering
First to introduce Visual Basic to his college as part of graduation project work

Fun Facts:
Can speak English, Kannada, and Hindi
Travelled 1000 miles around state of Karnataka on a bicycle in 12 days
Loves cooking, travelling, and photography.
Plays with his RC car

Outsell Transformers – Outsell Associates who go above and beyond exemplifying the Outsell Values. Learn more about the Outsell Values here.