Joe Montgomery from IT has been nominated by Adrian Herrera for exemplifying the Outsell Values QUALITY, CARING, and INITIATIVE

“I am nominating Joe Montgomery from IT/Operations for exemplifying quality in his work and supporting our internal staff in a caring manner, all while taking the initiative to be pro-active in finding better ways to support our internal staff, allowing them to work more efficiently.” - Adrian Herrera
Thank you, Joe, for exemplifying so many values on a daily basis!

Joe Montgomery – IT Support

Responsibilities: Supports internal hardware and software solutions and assists with administration for other infrastructure assets. Bio: Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota Born and raised in North side Minneapolis and received technical certifications at Hennepin Technical College. Worked for Geek Squad in his first few years out of school, and found that he could turn his love of technology in to a profession. He entered the world of Corporate IT in 2009. Fun Facts: Is West African American – Liberian to be exact Owns a comic book collection of more than 4000 comics Is allergic to all tree nuts and ALL fruit. But not peanuts Has driven a Ferrari F430 super car Uses six 23” monitors on his home computer Outsell Transformers – Outsell Associates who go above and beyond exemplifying the Outsell Values. Learn more about the Outsell Values here.