Yasser Pineiro has been nominated as an Outsell Transformer for TEAMWORK!

Yasser Pineiro, Customer Interaction Center Specialist, has been nominated by Chantal McMahon for exemplifying the Outsell Value TEAMWORK

“CIC can be a very unpredictable department and we often need people to cover shifts or accommodate changes. Yasser is continuously here for the CIC at any time of day when we are in need. If someone needs to switch shifts, Yasser is there. When chat gets unexpectedly busy, Yasser is there. When we send out an email asking for someone to come in on a weekend, Yasser is there—often the first to reply. In addition, when Yasser is here, he engages with all of the chatters (using both English and Spanish), keeps the room lively with jokes and fun links, and never hesitates to ask a question about chatting or share new ideas about the chat flow. On the other hand, when we need to concentrate on chats, he is as quiet as a mouse, respecting the fact that the team needs to focus.” – Chantal McMahon

Thank you, Yasser, for helping to create a great team environment and being there when you are most needed!

Yasser Pineiro – Customer Interaction Center

Bilingual Chat Interaction Specialist

Hometown: Havana, Cuba
Graduated from Tech Institute, Cuba, in Accounting

Fun Facts:
Trying to be a good player in the Outsell’s Softball Team!
Favorite TV Shows: Dexter & Battlestar Galactica

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