Outsell’s Ryan Linn Creates “Street Food Geek”

At our downtown Minneapolis home in the Capella Tower, one of the things that has changed since our move has been how (and where) our associates get their lunches. The area and skyways offer so much for options, we’re often overwhelmed and unsure of where we should go for the best food.

Campaign Operations Migration Specialist Ryan Linn has a solution to this problem to share with his fellow associates and others. Dubbed the ‘food truck guru’ last summer after Outsell’s move to the Capella Tower, Ryan often gave advice on where the best food was and what he liked at each location. At the insistence of his coworkers, Ryan is taking that concept to a whole new level and has created the Street Food Geek blog.

“After we moved to the new office I began to eat from nothing but food trucks from then on for lunch, and I could tell you what each food truck made, where they were, what I personally recommended, etc. So in a sense I’m doing the same thing, but in a wider scale now that everyone can read at their leisure.”

Ryan eventually plans to include a page with location information for each truck so people who want to find something can look up where their favorite trucks are on any given day. Currently the site is set to an update schedule of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. New reviews pop up on the site to read on those days, with yummy advice for those of us at Outsell and anyone else who might be interested in the food trucks downtown.

This blog is still a growing and changing concept, but a great idea and another sign of just how innovative Outsell associates can be. With so many people downtown filling the streets and skyways at lunchtime, looking for the right bite to eat, we’re sure Ryan’s blog will be a great success.

Check out Street Food Geek now!