Importance of Live Chat in a Multi-Channel Solution

Single-channel marketing does not work. Direct mail, phone, email, or any other singular channel isn’t enough to reach all of the consumers who matter, because consumers use all sorts of channels of communications at any given time. The best method is to engage them at every possible turn.

All industries are turning toward multi-channel solutions or platforms to accomplish the biggest ROI, utilizing a varied and (hopefully) interconnected marketing mix, so that each channel not only performs well on its own but enhances the others.

Live Chat is a necessary channel to any multi-channel solution. Websites with Live Chat offer the option for immediate contact while a prospect is already engaged online. Phone isn’t always convenient, nor the desired contact method for many consumers. Email is often preferred but takes time. Live Chat combines the best of both, and gives your dealership one more channel for potential sales.

A recent study from the Outsell Insights team revealed that 9.6% of all Purchase Leads from our Live Chat convert to sales, and 38.5% of Fixed Ops Leads convert to repair orders. Nearly 30% of those total conversions happen within 48 hours.

Not only are those percentages important, as they prove Live Chat leads to sales, but knowing that most conversions happen in so short a time means that Live Chat leads are hot leads and need to be acted on right away. Don’t let those hot leads go to the dealer across the street!

Moreover, if you utilize Live Chat as part of a multi-channel platform, your Live Chat data can be used to add to the full consumer profile and purchase path of each customer, so you can see ROI even from a simple chat. Every bit of additional data that can be added into a platform’s segmentation capabilities for future campaigns increases your chance of sending the perfect message to the right customer at the optimal time, which ultimately increases sales.

Make sure you’re using a multi-channel solution, and make sure Live Chat is one of those channels!

To learn more about Outsell’s Live Chat offering, see our Customer Interaction Center page. For information on how we won Gold at the 2013 Stevies for Contact Center of the Year, see our Awards page.