It’s All About the Customer

It’s no secret that good customer service is one of the major factors in customer retention. It isn’t just about getting someone to buy your product, but getting them to come back and purchase from you again in the future.

Richard Scheig, Outsell’s VP of Sales and Marketing, was quoted in Direct Marketing News as saying:

“Delivering a top-notch customer experience in the eyes of the customer means that brands need to account for every point of customer interaction—from lead generation to online interactions to the ‘zero moment of truth’ when customers are ready to buy, and even to post-purchase.”


There are many ways of communicating successfully with customers online and presenting offers that add incentive for them to buy. It’s when a customer isn’t in the market that you need to more intelligently target your messages to their needs, such as through behavioral targeting, one of the most effective tools derived from Big Data to help you sell more.

“Today’s digital marketing tools make it so easy to segment customers and then customize offers based on vehicle type and other factors, and let you experiment with different types of incentives. Look at response rates and fine-tune incentives based on what works best instead of just doing the same old thing.”


2013 is a brand new year, and the time to use new and proven tools to retain more customers and sell more cars. Make 2013 about the customer, and watch your sales soar.