UPDATE: Joyce Uptown Food Shelf – 2012 Food Drive

With less than a week for the Outsell teams to bring in their donations for the Joyce Uptown Food Shelf, competition is already getting riled up.

Team Make A Wish started with a powerful image of impending smack-down, provided by Campaign Operations Production Manager, Jason Vosu.

The deadline for items is Tuesday morning, November 13th, by 10AM. Teams are scrambling to bring things in this week, over the weekend, and before the deadline strikes, so there may be some last minute ‘sand-bagging’ once the teams see where each other stand come Monday.

Katy Lyman, representing Team Boys and Girls Clubs of America, had this to say:

“BOOM! Our competition is more like non-petition.”

Let’s see how much we can give, Outsell! Keep the competitive spirit going!

For more on the annual Outsell food drive for Joyce Uptown Food Shelf, see the previous blog post here.