Keep Consumer Purchase Lifecycles Active

It can take several engagements over time before a consumer purchases, and each engagement can be influential in the consumer’s decision. In addition, it is important to engage consumers in several channels and then use the information collected in each channel to provide relevant future communications.

You can use “Big Data” to send relevant and targeted communications to your customers based on their online and offline activity. This data can help you create a relevant communications plan tailored to each consumer and where they are in their individual purchase journey.

Here is an example purchase path following behavioral and multi-channel targeting:

• Joe and Suzie Smith bought a vehicle last year.

• It has been four months since their last oil change, and their last inspection showed that break service is needed.

• They receive an email service reminder.

• After their inspection, their click activity on additional campaigns shows an interest in New Inventory.

• Next month, they receive a campaign for active Shoppers.

• The following month, they receive another campaign and open a new vehicle video.

• From the video, they click to prompt a live chat conversation from their phone to verify availability of the model they are interested in.

• They receive further information on their vehicle of interest, and later schedule an appointment with a salesperson.

• A few days later, they purchase a new vehicle.

• They receive a welcome message which continues the consumer journey, eventually reminding them of their first upcoming service appointment.

• The lifecycle continues, as long as Joe and Suzie continue to be engaged.

Are you doing everything you can to engage your customers and prospects?