Reducing Email Unsubscribes

In a recent Target Marketing article, Outsell’s Campaign Operations Production Manager, Jason Vosu, shared tips on how to reduce email unsubscribes. We can only reach our target audience through digital marketing if they continue to receive our campaigns. Handling opt-ops carefully is crucial.

“If you strive to build relevant, smart-targeted emails and properly manage your opt-out process, you can reduce spam complaints, improve deliverability, achieve higher open/click rates, gain consumer insights, and increase the return on your overall email program.”


Jason’s tips include:

1. Updating subscriber lists frequently to make your campaigns perform optimally with the most accurate email addresses.

2. Conducting more analytic research to send the right message to the right consumer.

3. Making sure your creative is strong, with a clear call to action. If the consumer doesn’t open the campaign or click on any relevant links, they might as well be unsubscribed already.

For more on reducing email unsubscribes, read the original article from Jason Vosu at Target Marketing.