Fun Friday


Outsell is proud and excited to be in our new location on the 32nd floor of Capella Tower. With our new office comes some new perks for associates, as well as environmental awareness by doing away with disposable dishes and silverware. This accumulates a lot of dishes.

Fun Friday is Administrative Assistant Khadijah Ramadan’s way of saying” thank you” for all the support in keeping our suite clean and tidy. On Fridays, Khadijah tries to put out fun treats as positive incentive for associates to bring their cups to the dishwashers instead of leaving them on counters, in the sinks, or on desktops. So far, Outsell associates have been doing an amazing job!

Fun Friday usually includes fun breakfast or mid-day snacks, candies, and assorted goodies. Past Fun Fridays have even had themes, such as “Old School” with all of our favorite childhood breakfast cereals with milk in the morning, and gummy bears and skittles for the afternoon.

Thank you Outsell associates for keeping our space beautiful. And thank you Khadijah for keeping our Friday’s FUN.