Outsell Pumps it UP Against Get Rallied!

As recounted, once again, by Amy Van Schepen:

As the weather turns from summer to fall and now back to summer, the Outsell Softball team is chugging through their regular season. The Dream Team is still seeing more and more people wanting to come out and play with them which helps keep their spirits up. Amanda Raskin (COPS) and Justin Kramer (Client Engagement) were the newest souls to show off their mad softball skills.

The first game started with two 1-2-3 innings and then the scoring started. Though Outsell kept it close throughout most of the game, The Dream Team suffered its 7th loss in a row, but was able to at least play through the time limit for the first game (a new personal best!)

The second game started much like the first, keeping it close while keeping it real on the field. It felt like they were going to get a win going, but soon fatigue set in and The Dream Team started to slow. With a 2 complete game pitching and stellar defensive performance by Joe Korte (Client Engagement), great on field antics by James Stites (Client Engagement), and new comer Justin Kramer, The Dream Team maintained their dignity in reporting an 8th loss (undefeated in moral victories).

While The Dream Team will be taking Labor Day off, they still have one more game to try and squeak out a win. With a league high of 12 players last week, they would still love for additional associates to come out. Even if playing is not your style, there is a very rowdy cheering section that will be providing refreshments if desired.

Come join The Dream Team on September 10th against Morgan Ave Madness for their season finale. Games are at 6pm and 7pm and refreshments will be provided to all participants and cheerleaders.