Local VS National Marketing


AdAge reported recently on the importance of local marketing, giving the example of a newspaper in South Wales that beat the odds.

“It focused almost entirely on covering local news, local people and local events while soliciting community-generated content—a package not provided by the larger county or national titles. It was rewarded with a doubling of its circulation. Its owners say their success comes down to remaining local, personal and relevant to their community. That idea has a lot of merit for national brands in the U.S.”


The national brand message is always important for keeping consistent across communities, but finding the right plan to target locally may be the next big win for marketers and brands.

The Outsell Digital Engagement Platform offers Google mapping to display the location of consumers in relation to the dealership, allowing dealers to see where to target the most of their marketing and ad dollars. The platform also targets locally with relevant articles and content, while still keeping on message with national brand campaigns. Dealers can provide custom content in many cases to make their messages even more personal and targeted.

Finding the right balance is key. You don’t want to ignore promoting the national incentives and offers that a customer might be familiar with because of a national ad, but you also don’t want to forget your own options for special offers that might appeal to the local customer, who in the end is the one you are going to sell to.

Look for ways that you can be personal and relevant in your community with local content!