Outsell’s 1to1 Media Article & Follow-up Whitepaper on Testing

Outsell is proud to have a guest article in the 1to1 Media Expert Opinion section, authored by Craig Vore, Outsell’s Design and Integration Lead.

“Email Testing Isn’t Optional; it’s a ‘Must’” explains the importance of testing and offers four tips to help get more email opens, clicks, conversions, and higher customer satisfaction.

Outsell took this concept and also created a whitepaper further detailing these ideas. “Outsell Insights: Email Optimization Through Testing” is a three page whitepaper covering A/B and multivariate testing and how they are proven optimization strategies for increasing open rates, click rates, and so much more.

Testing can also help to uncover long-standing wrong assumptions about your audience and their preferences, with low risk involved.

“Only 15% of marketers are routinely brainstorming new email testing ideas.”

READ MORE about why that doesn’t work, and how testing is an absolute must for success.