Behavioral Targeting VS Email Blasts for Auto Dealers

Using Behavioral Targeting to Generate Leads

Standard one-and-done campaigns that blast an email or eNewsletter out to your database monthly can generate leads, but without behavior-driven targeting, a few leads each month is as far as it goes. Smart-targeted campaigns build on an initial email blast to touch your customers continuously with additional information that is pertinent to their behaviors and wants.

For example, a smart-targeted campaign would recognize that Amy clicked on a specific vehicle model from a campaign send, which would then trigger an additional campaign more specific to that model, as she is most likely in the market. If Amy clicked on something else or didn’t click at all, she would receive a different campaign, depending on her behavior.

Once she receives her new triggered campaign days later, she is further engaged in a way more catered to her, leading to more potential to click again and to eventually purchase.

In Seth Godin’s recent blog entry “Superman, Batman, and worldviews” he explains the difficulty in marketing to varied groups of people with different views and opinions, but that:

“Instead of trying to delight everyone in Gotham City, it pays to find people who already resonate with the story you want to tell.”


Smart-targeted campaigns, on the other hand, discover the story a customer wants to hear and then tells it to them, piece by piece, depending on continued consumer behavior, effectively reaching every varied group and individual the way they want to be reached.