The Importance of Creative

YouTube is readying its launch of ‘Marketplace’ to connect YouTube stars with brands.

“The marketplace platform will allow partners to set up profiles indicating what they do, their past successes and the demographics or types of brands they are best suited for. Advertisers or agencies will be able to search by parameters, such as content type, target demo and keywords, to find the right YouTube star for their campaign.”


The site will launch later this summer.

This seems like a natural progression with a resource like YouTube and the viral nature of many of its videos. Also because it is a fully visual medium. Successful bloggers will often advise that an image with every post is important to attract readers. Video is also important, more so than an audio podcast could ever be. “Video killed the radio star” for a reason: we are a visual consumer base; we DO judge every book by its cover.

Even when looking at the multitude of uses for social media and digital marketing in any industry, the creative is what the success of a campaign often comes down to. An image or a video will always pull more people in, and the right creative layout, best suited for how consumers want to shop and read through their emails will lead to the most opens and clicks.

Outsell prides itself on offering tested creative templates for our campaigns, allowing for customization, but not so much that a dealer might sabotage their success by not following the formatting and placement of content that is proven to best catch a consumer’s attention.

Content is key, but creative is the package that makes that content worth consuming.