Outsell Director of Insight, Jennifer Bunner, quoted by 1to1 Media

Sophisticated behavioral targeting is more effective than simple segmented demographic marketing. 1to1 Media agrees and recently posted an articled called “The Gains from ‘Marketing to One'”.

“By marketing to the person rather than the segment, organizations are sending their customers and prospects more relevant information and seeing a return.”


Outsell Director of Insight, Dr. Jennifer Bunner, was quoted for the article as having said:

“The best individualized customer marketing efforts utilize a customer contact strategy which spans all channels and marketing communications, leading to channel-optimized, targeted, relevant, and coordinated communications and messaging strategies received over different touchpoints.”

This approach can be daunting to some companies if they have data scattered in various silos and aren’t focused on one-to-one methodologies like 1to1 Media and other leaders in the industry further explain in the article. Understanding individual customer behavior and taking advantage of new opportunities, such as social media, are the methodologies needed to succeed in today’s marketing world.

We’re proud of Jeni and Outsell as a whole in our continuing efforts to transform the way brands engage with consumers, marketing the right message at the optimal time to the right customer.