Building Relationships with Content Marketing

Building a relationship with consumers comes from more than just sales. Customers aren’t always in the market, and even when they are, they don’t always want to be sold to.

Business-to-Customer and Business-to-Business relationship building are the same in this case—a better relationship can be built by sharing insights rather than purely by pushing sales.

Serial entrepreneur Francine Hardaway said in a recent Stealthmode Blog article:

“Whole Foods’ booklet on how to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner is an example of information generated after listening to questions from customers in stores. Yes, the ingredients for many of the recipes happen to be available in Whole Foods, but the booklet’s main purpose is information, not sales.”


And information, insights, valuable content is what keeps consumers coming back when they are in the market, even if they might not be ready to buy today.

Targeted campaigns with more than just sales content are important for maintaining relevant touch points with your customers. This not only helps turn a customer into an advocate of your brand but builds a bond that will bring them back to the brand when they are ready to purchase.

Remember the importance of content, especially relevant informational content in your campaigns to build the type of relationships that will bring consumers back time and time again.