Tough Mudder Minnesota 2012

(It seemed like a fun idea in December)

So what did you do this weekend? A small group of Outsell’s Client Engagement Team, along with 2 friends and a family member, crawled through mud under barbed wire, dove into ice cold water, traversed hilly terrain, and ran through Tasers for fun. Along with over 15,000 other crazed competitors, James Stites, Joe Korte, Nick Hoffrogge, and Justin Kramer of Outsell survived the Tough Mudder.

Clad in swimwear of the 1920s, the team took to the course on Saturday May 19th. Through guile and subterfuge, they snuck into an earlier start time. Before the team could begin, they were pulled aside to be interviewed by the local Channel 4 news because of their impressive costumes. After one more photo op, they scaled the initial six foot wall and then, along with hordes of competitors, they were whipped into a frenzy by the emcee and unleashed upon the course.

The team’s favorite obstacles include the series of 6 foot high sloped mud hills, greased monkey bars, the balance beam, the 20 foot high half pipe, and the final plunge into water as the finish line drew near. While not the favorite obstacles, the 2 Taser events and the shape of the course in general provided memorable challenges for the team. The euphoria of finishing was complimented by the victory beer waiting for the newly minted Tough Mudders at the end of the course.

The crew is a little bit sore and has plenty of battle scars after the events of the weekend. Justin Kramer was able complete the course with his costume intact while the rest of the team discarded them throughout the course.

“I don’t think we could have had any more fun. We completed the course in about 3 ½ hours and are already looking forward to doing it again next year. If you have any inkling to attempt it, we cannot implore you enough to do it. None of us will forget this experience and could not have completed it without each other.”

–Justin Kramer, Client Engagement Team Manager

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Want to see the real action from news coverage? Look for the Outsell team in their striped uniforms here.