Opens & Clicks that Lead to Purchase

Each article in an eNewsletter has fewer and fewer clicks going down. Consumer attention is more often grabbed at the top, so the top articles need to be the most eye-catching and engaging.

The importance of A/B testing has been shared on this blog before, with The Value of Testing, as well as Newsletter Optimization. Testing and proper navigation is even more important when we look at the recency and frequency of clicks prior to purchase.

In a recent Outsell study, our Insights team found that the largest percentage of click activity leading to purchase – 20.8% – comes from the clicks that happen within the first 11 days after receiving a campaign, and with a frequency of 1-5 clicks. More overall clicks and more time passed do not guarantee a sale; the most interested buyers act more immediately and within the first few clicks or articles they discover.

Don’t you want those clicks to be on content that counts, and that has more chance of leading to a sale?

The ideal amount of articles in an eNewsletter is 3-4, enough to vary content with service, sales, and lifestyle, but not so many that work goes into articles that are never clicked. For shorter sales or service campaigns, be sure and have a call to action that is worthwhile and highly visible.

Consumers that are most likely to purchase are ready to make their final decision within only a few clicks and a few days. Test, optimize, do what works, and make your content count.