Super Bowl Ads 2012

Jerry & Acura for the WIN!

Congratulations to the New York Giants on their big Super Bowl win! But, in the aftermath, as is the custom each year, the commercials are what remain on everyone’s minds, and car commercials make up the largest majority of ad spend.

Last year, the obvious #1 spot went to Chrysler and their introduction of “Imported From Detroit” with Eminem. This year, according to YouTube hits, the masses have chosen the Acura NSX commercial featuring Jerry Seinfeld, with a timely surprise cameo by Jay Leno.

Watch the spot below!

There are a number of other great spots from this year’s Super Bowl lineup, including Matthew Broderick’s reprise of his Ferris Bueller role for the Honda CR-V, and a clever return of the Star Wars theme for the new Volkswagen.

Some of the highest scoring ads among YouTube fans are the Chevy “Happy Grad” commercial and the Toyota Camry “It’s Reinvented” spot. Check them both out below!

To watch all of the automotive spots from the Super Bowl, go here.