Newsletter Optimization

Optimize Opens & Clicks!

Testing is important for campaign and newsletter optimization, and once we know what works, it is important to implement the most effective methods.

Navigation Sections allow the customer to easily access important areas of the dealer website that should be linked through the newsletter. Most dealer newsletters do not feature a navigation section, or at least not one that is clear and easy for the customer to use. A lower number of links should be included to keep the customer focused on Key Buying Activities, service, and useful information.

It’s best to have a combination of sales, service, and lifestyle content in the newsletter. We can simultaneously create interest for current buyers, but also provide value to those who are not currently in the market. It can also be more effective to create shorter, more focused newsletters that do not require excessive scrolling or cause information overload.

While content is key, having robust and actionable reporting tools that allow us to see granular click activity, and the resulting purchase and service results, is just as important. Through such reporting, we can more effectively retarget campaigns to people who’ve clicked through the newsletter. If someone who was looking to purchase already bought a vehicle but then clicked on service specials, we should be able to see this change in our reporting, and, in return, send them service coupons or an oil change reminder the next time they receive new content.

A/B testing is important for seeing what works as far as placement of navigation, text for article headings, and content in general. Once we know what works, we need to use it, and remember these important tips on optimizing a newsletter for the best open and click rates.