The Value of Testing

More Clicks and Opens!

Continually performing A/B tests to optimize the effectiveness of email campaigns helps maximize the number of clicks and opens received. Testing is low-risk, determines which creative and campaign structure works best, and can uncover incorrect assumptions about what works and what doesn’t. Over half of all marketers are not testing even though it leads to more opens, more clicks, and more sales.

In order to conduct effective tests, first we must define the question we are trying to answer, such as, “Which placement of campaign navigation is most effective for generating clicks, horizontal across the top or vertical along the left-hand side?” We predict the results we expect to get, select a statistically significant sample size, choose a random split of participants, make sure to take into account factors that could skew results, run the test, and then evaluate the results and determine how to improve based upon our findings. Sometimes our assumptions are proven wrong, but a “failed” test is just as valuable as a “successful” test, because we learn something we didn’t know before.

Testing strengthens intelligence about consumer preferences, allowing us to create messages that resonate and engage customers.

At Outsell, we continually test and optimize email campaigns to make sure our clients get the highest return on investment. Testing is especially important to consider as we head into the New Year, because now is the time to improve practices and start off strong to maintain a loyal customer base for 2012.