Outsell Soccer Match Report

Monday, September 26th, as recounted by Michael Tomiak

Location: Ralia Sports Center, Maple Grove, Monday Nights

Pitch type: no out of bounds 3G/Rubber Crumb indoor pitch

Game type: Coed, 20 minutes each half

3rd Game of the season and the Outsell super stars were falling nicely into their roles, comfortably slotting the ball around against the opponents. With a flaky start to the season (a good thrashing of 11- 2 but also a close win, 5-3), and a large squad, the team inevitably settled down and found its strengths, skills and pace. For Outsell it is pass & move.

“Pass & move is the Outsell Groove” can often be heard being chanted from the sidelines (which constitutes fans as well as substitutes).

However, where our passing and movement may be above par, our scoring ability is certainly below. With the amount of shots Outsell had, and the % of possession of the ball, we could not quite finish, and get the points on the score board. We tend to blame the tiny goals.

Having said that, we seem to have come across teams with, quite literally, maniacs as goal-keepers, who dive, jump and throw themselves at the ball to block it no matter how hard you shoot.

Also missing key soccer stars crippled the side somewhat, such as Natalia Melendez, the Peruvian international Center Forward, due to a back injury, Kailash, out due to other…err…work commitments, Dinesh ‘the Quidditch man’ out for unknown reasons, as well as Amy Van Schepen and Tim Gilmore. Nonetheless, Outsell had a great performance and workout. The game unfortunately ended 5-3 against Outsell FC.

So 2 losses and a win it now stands at. There is plenty of time (3 more games) for Outsell FC to get back in the game and make it through to the playoffs.

Outsell plays Monday nights in Maple Grove. Please come and support if you get the chance!