Online Spending to Take the Lead

Internet Marketing, Media, and Ads

Agencies are spending more on online media every day, as well as on internet marketing and advertizing. A recent Mashable infographic shows this progression very effectively and shines further insight on how agencies are allocating their online media budgets.

Digital agencies are finally being considered as worthy of budgeted spending as their traditional media counterparts, and just in time as digital is poised to take the lead.

There is some speculation that while TV ad spending will continue to grow this year, it may be on the way out. Even while watching TV, many consumers remain online, distracted by the internet, online shopping, social media sites, etc., which may lead to the need for a more creative use of ads online.

“These days, TV buys still take the largest piece of the global spend, but the share of money going to Internet advertising is rising steeply, and the options for those dollars are multiplying and morphing just as quickly.”


Considering that the amount of money and ads focused toward the online sector doesn’t even come close to keeping pace with the amount of time Americans spend online, the only direction to go is up.

Sources from across industries predict that within the next few years internet spending will dominate marketing and agency budgets, and by a large margin. Online tools are improving while also proving themselves to be more effective than traditional methods of reaching out to customers.

“Increased interest in online marketing is likely driven by improved analytics, which enable firms to fine-tune their campaigns and generate greater returns on investment.”


With spending in general shifting toward social media and the internet, it is also important to recognize that those areas are dominated by mobile. Mobile phones are the number one place consumers access social sites and check email, making mobile the most important tool to focus on as the shift toward more online spending surges forward.