Meet Outsell: Rita Van Pelt

Outsell’s Operations Project Manager

Where were you before coming to Outsell?

[Rita Van Pelt] Most recently I worked at FICO as a Sr. Project Manager Consultant for Professional Services. Prior to FICO, I have worked at a variety of firms in the Twin Cities – Target, US Bank, Wells Fargo, Prudential, RBC, Merrill Corporation, American Express and Thrivent, as a consultant or employee in Program Management and Project Management roles.


What key responsibilities do you have as part of your position at Outsell?

[Rita Van Pelt] To manage programs/projects, and to implement project management methodology, processes, templates and best practices.


What excites you most about the Outsell Digital Marketing Platform?

[Rita Van Pelt] The direction the company is taking to keep ahead of the market in delivering data-driven, all encompassing digital marketing products and services, which will result in many interesting, exciting & challenging projects to manage!


How do you keep active outside of work hours?

[Rita Van Pelt] I play as much tennis as I can – leagues, tournaments & drills. I have a very large family, I’m the oldest of six, have 15 nieces and nephews, 3 great nephews, one great niece, one daughter and one son-in-law AND one grandson. There is always some family activity going on – softball, bowling, soccer, t-ball, movies, playing cards & traveling! And of course the endless birthday & wedding celebrations! However, spending time and playing with my grandson, Logan, is one of my favorite things to do. Logan will be 2 yrs old in August, and I love it when I get home and I hear him running to meet me and he is chanting ‘Grandma is home…Grandma is home!’ During the Outsell walking contest for National Employee Health & Fitness Month I would take Logan out in the yard with his bubble blowing lawn mower and we would run back and forth across the lawn. I would push the mower so bubbles would be streaming out and Logan would try to catch the bubbles or stomp on them. He loves bubbles and I love spending time with him creating fun with whatever it is that we are doing. Keeping company with a toddler will keep you active! I also take a lot of pictures – no formal training, I just enjoy taking pictures – while traveling, doing things with my family…even at work events! I also like music & dancing…favorite local bands are The Bill & Tom Show and the Fanatics.


Tell us a little-known fact about you.

[Rita Van Pelt] I have been fortunate to have played on two World Team Tennis teams that qualified to play in the National tournament at Indian Wells, California. Both times I was able to stand right beside Billie Jean King in our team photo and participate in the tennis drills she conducted. Billie Jean is a great person and it was an honor to meet her. I also have an affinity for angels and actually collect cards with angels on them!