Team Outsell – Coed Soccer

Off to a Great New Season!

With another season of Outsell soccer underway, facilitating company spirit in the off-hours, an update is needed for this new Outsell team. After a fun and successful season for our male squad, put together by Customer Interaction Specialist, Andres Perez, that season has ended and the Monday night coed season has begun.

The new soccer team consists of players from all across Outsell departments: Amy Van Schepen, Leah Pope, Angela Willard, Natalia Melendez, Tim Gilmore, Kailash Ramanathan, Dinesh Murali, Michael Tomiak, David Brooks, and the final and welcome addition of Roxana Kissi.

Playing once again at the Vadnais Heights Sports Dome, Team Outsell kicked off their season with a fantastic win of 4-1. While the subsequent games have been loses thus far, each of those games were called with a difference of only a point or two, and spirits are high.

Two regular season games remain, followed by the semifinals and playoff week. Learn more about the Vadnais Heights Sports Dome and their various soccer leagues here.

Weekly reports of the team’s progress have been shared with the company via soccer player and Campaign Operations Production Specialist, Michael Tomiak, whose literary prose when giving the play-by-play of the previous night’s games have been nothing short of inspiring.

Dressed in Outsell’s famous sleek-black jerseys, looking good, we strolled out on to the pitch filling the air with confidence and a touch of modesty for our first game.

The game got off to flying start (literally) with Van Schepen holding strong at the back appearing to have more spring in her step than any normal defender should. Willard was dominant in the middle, in the first half, going in for challenges that sanity would normally deter one from becoming involved in. Murali held tight in goal in the first half conceding no goals at all! With a few panther-esque movements Tomiak was able to slot a few home:

Half time: 2-0 to Outsell!

With a quick rearrange of a few positions (Pope retiring to goalie) we were ready for what may face us in the 2nd (25 minute) half.

Outsell almost began to run away with some superb triangle passing between Gilmore and Ramanathan upfront, but some (over dramatic) dramatics by the opposing team’s keeper kept them in the game. Then sudden disaster struck; with a rather erratic outburst by an overly aggressive opposition player Pope took a kick to the knee when bravely coming out to claim a loose ball.

Tension rose; the opposition begun to argue amongst themselves – Outsell players remained calm – Pope rolls off the pitch in agony. Murali back in goal to see the last 10 minutes out.

A few more goals for the brave Outsell and with only a temporary blip (conceding a penalty and goal) however ensured Outsell’s dominance.

Full Time: 4-1 to Outsell!

Great effort by all! Especially Pope (who if you see around the office – please offer your sympathy!)

That retelling of their first game and success was only the beginning of maintained company involvement and support for our new coed soccer team. Good luck in your remaining Monday night games, Team Outsell!