John Brunson of Moritz

Spotlight on 2011 Sales Plans

John Brunson, Marketing Manager for Moritz BMW, MINI & Cadillac in North Arlington, TX, chatted with Outsell about plans in 2011 to increase sales and customer satisfaction. You can read the transcript of our interview below.

Amanda: I’m here today with John Brunson, Marketing Manager for Moritz in North Arlington, BMW, MINI, and Cadillac, discussing sales plans for the coming months of 2011. Thank you for talking with me today, John.

John: Morning, Amanda.

Amanda: What are some of the more immediate sales plans for Moritz as we head further into 2011?

John: This quarter has been my first real push to take advantage of a lot of the new technology that we have at our fingertips every day. Everything from our newsletter, to chat online, to our mobile phone links that we send out via text, it’s a new age of digital outreach that we’re trying to capitalize on, on every front, but at the same time keep it focused and not overdo things. We never want to be intrusive, we really want to just make an impression, and make sure that our customers know we’re there from the sales end to the service end as well. We’re not just about the sale upfront. We also want to deliver outstanding service down the road.

Amanda: Social media is an important aspect in plans of action this year for many organizations, especially in retail and the automotive industry. Are there any specific plans you have for engaging in those areas?

John: The thing I’m most excited about is how easy it is now. I’m talking to you on my iPhone 4, which is where I take most of my testimonial videos from. We use a flip camera from time to time too, but from either source I can upload directly to YouTube, and then YouTube and Facebook are like best friends. It’s very easy to post video. It makes us more accessible, and in this digital age where everybody is using the Windows phones, the iPhones, or the Android phones, it’s something in the mobile market that we’re trying to break into a little more. If you take the video on a mobile device it’s a lot easier to upload right then and there from a Wi-Fi hotspot, and then any customer can see it on their phone as well.

Our focus on Facebook would be to post mostly event marketing and each and every one of those individual experiences that are so unique. Each client advisor that we have is different, and each customer is different, so you can imagine especially with the MINI brand the huge opportunity we can highlight because people get so excited about customizing these cars. Taking care of our customers is our first priority, so that’s really where we try to engage on the digital end as well.

Amanda: Outside of the social arena then, what additional plans are you most excited about for this year?

John: We’re working with a company that does special events for cancer patients and folks recovering from debilitating diseases. We’re going to do a special day where we escort this youngster or person who has just recovered around the city to some of the nicest places in some of our nicest cars. Trying to make a dream day for them is really the idea. Here in the very near future, it should happen in March actually, is our special Dream Day Event.

Amanda: Well, I wish you all the best as we go further along into 2011. You definitely have some exciting plans for this year. And thank you so much again for joining me today.

John: I appreciate you taking the time to ask me some questions this morning and highlight our dealership, Moritz BMW, Cadillac, and MINI. Again, I’m John Brunson, the Marketing Manager out there.

Thanks again to John for taking time out of his busy schedule to chat with us. You can keep up to date on the Moritz Dealerships at their website.

Good luck from all of us at program headquarters in your sales endeavors for 2011.