Super Bowl Ads – 2011

Which Car Ad Was Most Successful?

The excitement over this year’s Super Bowl commercials is hardly something that comes and goes over the span of the actual game, but continues weeks after, often longer, as those who missed a commercial here or there take the time to catch up, and those who saw them all enjoy seeing them all over again.

All of the Super Bowl commercials from this year can be viewed and voted on at the Ad Blitz YouTube Channel until Valentine’s Day, February 14th.

The car ads that came across as the most successful this year, some generating buzz even before they officially aired, are clear in most viewers’ minds, but there is some debate over the #1 spot. Some of the most memorable range from being humorous, to serious pro-American themed, to timely integration with social media, and in some cases simply showing how much the brand in question is better than its competition.

The top commercials on most lists are the “Imported from Detroit” Chrysler 200 spot, the small costumed Darth Vader using “The Force” on a VW Passat, and the Chevrolet Cruze “Status” update. These ads are not only heading the lists for best car related ads, but best ads overall.

Others that stuck out were the Volkswagen “Black Beetle” ad, promoting the newly redesigned Beetle in the form of an actual black beetle impressing all of its insect friends. The new model was not clearly shown and won’t be available until fall.

Audi’s “Release The Hounds” ad talked down to its competition by playing up the idea that luxury has changed and shouldn’t determine loyalty, while Mercedes went the very opposite route with their “Welcome To The Family” ad, tugging at the heartstrings of car buyers who have owned the brand through generations.

The Chevrolet Camaro “Dude” ad deserved higher than last place on Autoblog’s top 10 list, I thought, and for the exact reason it was praised—hearing two guys discussing their perfect commercial while the real thing played out in front of us directly relates back to how viewers talk about Super Bowl commercials during and well after the game. It’s an ad for the everyman consumer.

But having seen all of the commercials and enjoying many, I have to tip my hat to the simplicity of the “Status” update ad for the Chevrolet Cruze.

In 30 seconds that commercial connects with something important to almost every viewer, and frankly, most Americans. The word on Facebook. When comparing that to the mini-Vader ad for Volkswagen, you can really see how being the brand that spends the most money does not guarantee the most successful ad. Both of those ads were simple, with no big names, and no crazy special effects, and they are among the most memorable.

Everyone is asking, “Which Super Bowl ad was your favorite?” Just remember not to ask yourself that question without also asking “Why?”