Smart Phone Revolution in the Automotive Industry

Going Mobile

Cell phones were the first mobile revolution. Now smartphones are the only way to go. Calling and texting isn’t enough anymore for the savvy consumer. Internet access and countless apps are a small part of what are becoming expected features in even the basest models.

Looking to the automotive world, there are apps for everything from navigation to checking tire pressure and demand is increasing for options beyond personal smartphone use in the car since being on the phone is a potentially dangerous distraction for drivers.

The Car Tech Blog reported on ways the automotive industry is trying to keep up with the smartphone revolution:

“Finding and implementing a way to safely integrate social networking and other apps in the car is more feasible than fighting the trend.”

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The applications and features available with most smartphones are translating across the automotive industry increasingly progressively. This goes beyond stereo systems, navigation, and Bluetooth. We now have full multimedia systems available in vehicles that are as sophisticated as the most high-tech smartphone.

Ford introduced SYNC nearly 4 years ago, a system that allows for hand-free calls as well as music control. It also offers certain safety options by connecting into 911 after an accident and giving updates for the driver on the health of their vehicle. The newest version of SYNC even allows for connection to Google Maps and many other features, which you can read more about here.

Toyota just recently introduced their version of a multimedia and smart phone integration system, Entune by HARMAN, which offers many of the same features as Ford’s SYNC but with their own personal spin, including connection to Bing.

“New system Integrates navigation, audio and real-time information with smartphone functionality.”

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Entune can be expected in select vehicles later this year. A recent Autoblog article also covered the announcement.

In a recent press release, Audiovox Corporation announced they have begun shipping their new CarLink smartphone interface module, allowing drivers control of remote start, security and keyless entry, and locking and unlocking their vehicle and trunk all via their smartphone. The program and applications are easily downloadable, offering a new kind of long range control for consumers.

These new offers don’t even begin to touch on what is available and what will soon be entering the market. Dealerships as well as car makers cannot afford to get left behind as this revolution moves forward.

In the Outsell Live Chat Center our agents come across many customers each day chatting from their cell phones rather than on a personal computer. With the way going mobile is revolutionizing how consumers shop and what they are shopping for, it is only natural for dealers to be heading that direction as well in more areas than just features of the vehicles they are selling. The revolution also has to be in how they are selling.

Digital marketing is also embracing the mobile revolution by offering SMS texting options as a way for dealerships to communicate with their customers. You can check out some of the features Outsell offers as part of the revolution here.