Digital Marketing Trends

Social Media is a Key Ingredient to Success!

As a leader in digital marketing services, Outsell recognizes that social media tools are becoming synonymous with our industry. TopRank, the Online Marketing Blog, took a poll last year of the top tactics individuals and companies were using for accomplishing digital marketing goals despite the recession.

Blogging was ranked #1 while microblogging, i.e. Twitter, was a close second, followed not too far by sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn for networking.
Even companies that provide more than marketing and PR to their customers are seeing the need to utilize social media in order to reach potential clients with their services.

David Berkowitz in an article for AdvertizingAge last Spring summed it up perfectly when answering how someone can best amplify their social marketing:

“The single best thing you can do strategically is include social media as part of the fabric of your overall marketing and brand building, rather than as a detachable add-on.”

-Digital Marketing Guide: Social Media

Now is the time of Web 2.0, when being a part of the online community is no longer passive, but interactive at its best. Digital marketing especially faces many challenges in keeping up with the expansion of social media in the everyday practice of reaching clients, our clients’ customers, and comrades in the industry.

Outsell is committed to this aspect of our growth as we continue to expand beyond the tribulations of economic downturn. You can follow Outsell on Twitter here.

Even almost a year ago USA Today reported that:

“More than half of the Fortune 100 companies are using Twitter for customer service, recruiting employees, blasting news and announcing promotions, according to the study by public relations firm Burson-Marsteller and its digital-media unit, Proof.”

-Social media like Twitter change customer service

However, on October 4, 2010, 1to1 Media admitted:

“Social media for service still remains in the early adoption stages, leaving companies to grapple with a serious challenge: how to integrate the data feeds from social channels with customer information from their existing chat, email, and phone channels.”

-The Missing Link in Customer Service

It may be some time before customer service through Twitter and other social media sites evolves to the usefulness and effectiveness of online chat and call centers. In the meantime Outsell will be keeping a close eye on how social media can facilitate further growth in our own digital marketing endeavors.