Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning predictive models based on artificial intelligence that predict future consumer behavior as well as the content and information individual customers are most likely to be interested in.

Engagement Data

Engagement data is generated by executing digital media through the Outsell program. Each engagement a consumer takes with your digital communications is another data point that is fed into Outsell’s AI Brain, from email opens and clicks, landing page engagement, website engagement, and more. This engagement data is captured and maintained over time, for as long as several years.

CRM Data

The first-party data from your CRM, collected from leads and through your website, is a valuable source of prospecting information and is some of the most important data you can utilize to reengage prospects and unsold leads.
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DMS Data

How you manage relationships and where each consumer is in their customer journey is driven by DMS data, controlling sales operations, financing, service, and more. Through DMS integration, offline sales and service transaction data is also used for Outsell’s proprietary predictive models to drive customer experience throughout their lifecycle.

Second & Third-Party Data

Outsell licenses and/or integrates second and third-party data through a variety of providers (including OEM data) that augments program reach and enhances the dealer’s first-party customer and prospect data.

Outsell also enhances your data with third-party vehicle market values and confirms if that consumer no longer owns the vehicle you sold them. These third-party data points are important factors that contribute to Outsell’s AI-driven predictions.

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