Outsell Chili Cookoff for Charity!

As Chili Cookoff organizer, Linnea Vogelzang-Brown from Campaign Operations said:

“BRRRR!!! It sure is getting CHILLY outside! But you’re in LUCK! Because Outsell is proud to announce its first ever Chili Cookoff!!”

And boy was this event an astounding (and delicious) success! Several Outsell associates brought in their best crock pots of chili to earn the title of best Outsell Chili overall and in the following three categories:


Voting was the true genius, however, as votes could indeed be bought, as $1 = 1 vote. Meaning a twenty dollar bill would be 20 votes for the chili an associate thought was best. No such thing as a free lunch, right? But the best part, of course, was that all of the money went to the Buck Jar for charity!

You can learn more about the Outsell Buck Jar, and how it normally gets filled throughout the year, here.

We had 7 entries for Traditional/Non-Traditional, and 2 each for the Vegan/Vegetarian and Hot/Spicy categories, which equaled quite a lot of chili that ensured no one needed bagged or bought lunch that day. There were several chili varieties and all were incredible, but in the end the winners were:

Hot/Spicy: Litded Davis with 31 votes!
Vegan/Vegetanarian: Natalia Melendez with 31 votes!
Traditional/Non-Traditional: Jon Petron with 23 votes!

Which meant there was a tie for the overall winner between Litded and Natalia! Congrats, ladies!

Grand total for charity was $214!

Thanks everyone for participating and for making this a fantastic event! Better start tuning your best chili recipe for next year’s cookoff! Giving back never tasted so good!

For pictures of the event, go to the Outsell Facebook Page.