Meet Outsell: Brett Gens

Brett Gens – Development


Business Analysis

Writes System Requirements for Development and QA

Provides Comedy Relief for Stressed Developers (this attribute is subjective and up for debate)

Grew up in Plymouth, MN (It was called “Plymouth Village” in the late 60’s early 70’s)

Lives in Winsted, MN (about 40 miles west of downtown Minneapolis)

Went to Wayzata High School

Married w/2 boys (ages 15 and 18)

Fun Facts:
Raises Horses with his Wife

Collects Pinball Machines and Vintage Arcade Games

Plays Electric Guitar

Love’s Fishing, Hunting, Books, and Movies (especially Comic Book Movies)

Brett’s boys are both springboard divers, and his oldest son came in 2nd in the State Tournament last season and won All-American honors. His wife works at 3M in Hutchinson, MN. They live on a hobby farm with 4 horses, a dog, 2 house cats and about 14 barn cats (this number varies), ATV’s, a Bobcat, a Tractor, and a Fork truck.

Favorite Quote:

“We never really grow up; we only learn how to act in public.” -Unknown

Outsell is proud to have Brett as part of our organization, and we are amazed he has any free time with such a busy life! Thanks for being part of the team!