Outsell’s Responsive Design Capabilities Help Automotive Marketers Create Seamless Mobile Experiences

Outsell’s Digital Engagement Platform Engages Shoppers Across All Screens and Devices

Outsell announced today the release of new mobile capabilities in its Digital Engagement Platform that enable a seamless cross-device experience for automotive shoppers.

With the rapid growth of consumers who interchangeably use smartphones, tablets, and fixed internet to shop, automotive manufacturers and dealers need to adapt their digital communications to connect with consumers wherever, whenever, and on whatever device the consumer desires. To meet this need, Outsell is arming its dealers with an array of state-of-the-art capabilities to deliver a seamless cross-device (and brand-consistent) digital experience to the consumer.

“It’s a common misconception that consumers today are split into groups that either exclusively shop on their computers or on their mobile devices,” said Dan Smith, VP of Product at Outsell. “Instead, we’re increasingly seeing people move through the buying process using a variety of devices – driven by what’s most convenient for them at any given time.”

Using a technique called Responsive Design, Outsell has ensured that dealer and brand communications will always render perfectly, no matter where the consumer is or what device they are on. Outsell’s ready-to-deploy campaigns automatically adapt to consumers’ cross-device shopping habits, so whether the shopper is on Outlook, Gmail, an iPad, an Android device, an iPhone or any one of the dozen-plus other webmail clients and browsers, manufacturers and dealers can be assured that their message is getting through, getting read, and that their brand essence is preserved. Key new features include:

● Emails and landing pages automatically size to the screen of the device on which they are being viewed.

● Ability to correctly render across 35+ browsers, email apps and email clients

● Landing pages that pin vital navigation items to the top of the screen so that when a customer scrolls, they can easily access primary functions like “Contact Us,” “New Inventory,” etc.

● Content that adapts to the device on which it’s being viewed – information and navigation options that aren’t core to the brand experience can be dynamically suppressed to conform to the device characteristics.

● The ability to dynamically provide a “View On Mobile” link for customers using smartphone apps that don’t support mobile style sheets.

“Automotive marketers need to adjust to the new mobile reality. Websites and emails built using Responsive Design ensure that content is correctly rendered across all browsers and email clients and further optimized for easy viewing on small smartphone screens,” said Mike Wethington, President & CEO of Outsell. “In our fast-paced, multi-device world, Responsive Design is the future of digital communications. Using Outsell’s ridiculously easy-to-use Digital Engagement Platform, dealers can be assured that their communications are easily read and beautifully rendered; there is nothing else like it serving the auto industry today.”

To learn more about Outsell’s Responsive Design capabilities, visit https://www.outsell.com/platform/responsivedesign/