Outsell Announces Significant Improvements to Live Chat

Improvements in Chat Demonstrate Efficiency Gains, Increase in Capture Rate, and Significant Reduction in Average Speed of Answer

Outsell announced today that improvements to the Outsell Customer Centered Sales System have directly resulted in some impressive results for its Live Chat, one of the channels offered to customers as part of Outsell’s Digital Engagement Platform.

Outsell has found that Live Chat Ups typically close at a higher rate than the national average for Internet leads, with users typically buying in 48 hours or less at higher gross profit. Automotive dealers leveraging Outsell’s platform use Live Chat to engage with their customer base online 24 hours a day/7 days a week, and directly answer sales and service questions while capturing relevant customer information. Leads and chat transcripts are sent to dealers’ CRM systems and email so both sales and service people have immediate visibility and context to leads.

In recent months, Outsell has made improvements to the Live Chat process as well as agent training, and this has had a direct impact on Chat results they are seeing from their network of auto dealers including:

• 24% efficiency gain in average time chat, or duration of chat with customers.
• 13% increase in capture rate of agents gathering important customer contact information.
• 50% reduction in average speed of answer, cut from 8 seconds to just 4.

“Live Chat is a major online channel for us in servicing and selling to our customers,” said Laura Scott, BDC Manager, from Mike Castrucci Chevrolet. “Customers love the real-time aspect of interacting with us, and getting answers to their questions, and it provides a great platform for us both from a customer service and sales perspective.”

Todd Williams, eCommerce Director, from Mike Castrucci Chevrolet also shared, “We’re very excited about the improvements Outsell has made to its Live Chat, and have already experienced fantastic results with Chat including 22 sales leads in November.”

“We have found the Live Chat channel to be a secret weapon for our dealers,” said Mike Wethington, CEO of Outsell. “It’s a very effective way for them to engage and interact with consumers and service them around the clock to improve customer satisfaction, customer retention and increase sales and service leads. We’ve invested in improvements to this platform to help our automotive dealers, and are proud to see these concrete results in just the last two months.”