Outsell Connect | Automotive Dealer Marketing Solutions

Outsell Connect enables automotive dealers to integrate 3rd party applications into Outsell Fuel™, delivering richer customer intelligence, extending channel reach, and providing enhanced cross-channel reporting.

Outsell Connect for CRM:

Outsell Connect for CRM is an easy to set up integration between your Outsell program and your CRM system, which alerts you to your most in-market buyers, and helps keep you focused on closing deals.

  • Activate Outsell Fuel’s feed to your CRM with 3 clicks
  • Close more deals by powering your CRM with in-market buyers
  • Follow-up with the newest opportunities from within your existing system, rather than another standalone tool

Outsell Connect for Live Chat

Outsell Connect for Live Chat enables automotive dealers to embed chat links into emails, campaign landing pages, and enjoy integrated Live Chat reporting via Outsell Fuel™.

The chat service offers both self – and managed – service options and is mobile-optimized for use by customers on-the-go. Automotive dealers have the ability to directly engage with inventory shoppers on their websites, third party sites, on social media and via online advertising/mobile ads.

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