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Friendly Chevrolet Case Study

Outsell’s individualized automotive email campaigns help Friendly Chevrolet drive higher response rates & more dealer visits.

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Data-driven approach helps Friendly Chevrolet boost monthly sales by 10 percent and drive hundreds of extra service appointments


Friendly Chevrolet in Fridley, Minn., north of Minneapolis, has sold more Chevrolet vehicles in Minnesota over the past 20 years than any other dealer. The dealership has deep roots in the community and a loyal customer base. Margie Martin, Internet Sales Manager for Friendly Chevrolet, faced some challenges, however. Essentially, she wanted to be able to better personalize email newsletters, reduce opt-out rates, and leverage data in order to accurately identify in-market buyers.


    • Personalize and localize dynamic email newsletters
    • Improve retargeting and equity mining efforts
    • Reduce opt-out rates on digital marketing


Martin learned of Outsell from working at another Chevy Dealer prior to joining Friendly, and believed that Outsell’s data-driven approach would help Friendly Chevrolet better target its marketing efforts. Friendly Chevrolet implemented the Outsell marketing automation platform that uses machine learning to increase customer engagement.

“We wanted to use data to get to know customers on a more personal level, and to enhance – but not replace – our community-oriented marketing approach.”

-Margie Martin, Internet Sales Manager for Friendly Chevrolet


Benefits of Using Outsell’s Automotive Email Campaigns

Boosted auto sales by at least 10 percent per month.

Outsell has helped Friendly Chevrolet boost incremental sales by at least 10 percent per month, and has also helped boost service appointments. “In the first month we used Outsell, we were able to utilize the shopping intelligence provided to our advantage when reaching out to current customers and prospects. We sold an additional 13 vehicles and booked more than 200 extra service appointments, resulting in an extra $32,000 in gross profit for the month,” says Martin. “We were amazed.”

Ability to localize OEM branding and content.

Martin likes being able to start with OEM branded content and then localize it for her market. “I can leave it as is, or localize,” she says. “We always choose to localize, but in a pinch we could send out the national version and it would still work for our market because Outsell automatically tailors certain sections for us.”

Ability to segment customers and individualize campaigns.

Martin says that segmenting has had a big impact on marketing results. For instance, customers who have searched for SUVs at the Friendly Chevrolet website will receive an SUV offer. And if Outsell detects that a customer is visiting the website with more frequency, an alert pops up that prompts Martin or a member of her team to offer live chat with the customer to answer questions and try to draw them into the showroom. Similarly, Outsell helps Friendly Chevrolet with equity mining – making strong offers to customers who appear to be ready to trade in their car for a new one. “We receive a high response rate with those methods,” she says.

Ability to effectively retarget.

Retargeting campaigns deliver relevant offers to prospects after they leave your site, or follow-up offers to those who have already made a purchase. Friendly Chevrolet, for instance, can send a retargeting campaign with a snowplow offer to customers who recently bought or searched for a pickup. “The Outsell platform makes it easy to find the right customers for a particular offer,” says Martin. “And we can present the offer via email or via social media ads, depending on customer preference.”

Ability to detect which buyers are currently in market.

Outsell’s buyer detection software, a core piece of the Outsell platform, helps Friendly Chevrolet determine which customers are currently in-market for a vehicle so they can focus their follow-up on people who are most likely to buy in the short term.

Opt-out rates reduced to virtually zero.

“For each mailing we send to our database of more than 60,000 people, we might have 5-6 people unsubscribe,” says Martin. “That’s incredibly low.”
Martin reports that the analytics and reporting in the Outsell platform have been immensely helpful. “The numbers don’t lie – analytics definitely show whether what you are doing is working or not,” she says. “That helps us do more of the things that work

“Outsell helps us individualize marketing so we can treat customers like people, not a number.”

-Margie Martin, Internet Sales Manager for Friendly Chevrolet



• Outsell helps Friendly Chevrolet sell an additional 120+ vehicles a year and drive hundreds of additional service appointments

• Team can now segment and personalize marketing communications

• Team now has ability to equity mine – find customers who are ready to trade in their vehicles

•  Improved retargeting effectiveness

• Improved ability to detect in-market buyers

• Opt-out rates reduced to 0.001 percent

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