Omnichannel Communications

Dynamic content across channels and all profit centers, aggregated and delivered to consumers based on individual needs.

Early Ownership

Onboard & Familiarize

Starting with Early Ownership, Outsell keeps your dealership top of mind with consumers by dynamically communicating relevant content from the moment they purchase, onboard and begin to familiarize with and enjoy their vehicle, and automatically chooses the most effective channel to engage them.

Campaigns focus on welcoming customers to the dealership, highlighting vehicle features, beginning their monthly cadence of consistent communication, acquiring feedback of their experiences, and starting their service journey.

Mid Ownership

Enjoyment & Maintenance

As customers enter mid ownership and continue to enjoy and maintain their vehicle, ongoing communications remind them of service and maintenance opportunities, while sending ongoing monthly communications to keep your dealership top of mind, equity campaigns to stay ahead of potential upgrade momentum and trade-ins, with even more campaign diversity across direct mail and social channels.

This is the earliest stage we recommend targeting consumers with On-Demand campaigns, such as Move A Model or Similar Payment equity campaigns.

Late Ownership

Re-engagement & Consideration

In late ownership, sleepy customers may reengage as they begin to consider whether or not to continue to service a vehicle or purchase a new one. Automated conquest campaigns are available for acquiring prospects as net new customers. Regular communications for current customers focus on equity and lease end campaigns and continue with lifecycle maintenance reminders.

This is an important stage for On-Demand campaigns, getting in front of consumers before they start to consider a new purchase.


Learn & Conquest

Conquesting heats up at the discovery stage where active in-market prospects and customers are considering acquiring a new vehicle and learning more about their options.

Equity and lease campaigns are even more important for customers who have yet to make an upgrade decision, and buyer detection works across channels to better target shoppers with specific VINs on your lot that they might be interested in.


Browse & Purchase

This is the buying phase both for conquesting and buyer detection campaigns, pushing low-hanging fruit over the edge with relevant content that recognizes they are shoppers, including unsold leads, and following up with the omnichannel content your customers have come to expect from the start of their journey.