Direct Mail

Outsell Direct Mail smartly targets in-market consumers with relevant sales and service campaigns in order to effectively utilize your marketing budget.

From Snail Mail to Smart Mail

Prioritize, stay on budget, and convert more sales by designating how much you want to spend on the direct mail strategy – and let Outsell do the rest! Outsell’s AI identifies in-market consumers across profit centers for each offer, and then prioritizes optimal recipients.

Prioritization is Optimized in the Following Order:

  • Predicted most likely to convert
  • No email on file
  • Bad email/bounced
  • Good email but hasn’t opened in several attempts
  • Unsubscribed from email

VIN Service Engagement

The addition of VIN Service Engagement hits consumers with the right VIN-related service content to increase service ROs and further reduce marketing expenses through DMS and recall data integrations.