Dealer Group OmniHub™

Provide a customer-centric, personalized experience to everyone, based on brand instead of where they purchased.

Superior Customer Retention

Successful dealer groups center their strategy around loyalty & customer retention, but to create customers for life, you need to communicate to 100% of your customer records, no matter where they purchased or serviced. More importantly, you need to do it in a way that is unique to each customer — not generic or templated.

Introducing Outsell’s Dealer Group OmniHub™. This first of its kind product leverages Outsell’s powerful artificial intelligence, robust data sets, marketing automation, and individualized communications to help dealer groups connect with customers personally, continually, and automatically in order to drive superior retention.

Here’s How It Works

  • Outsell un-siloes your data and combines store databases into a Group customer database, creating a single view of each customer. We give groups customer insights across their whole enterprise and depending on where customers are in their ownership cycle determines what messaging they receive on their preferred channel.
  • We have created unique and proprietary business rules that can be configured to the specific business model of each group. These rules enable the group to unwind the frustrating conflicting messages and offers that afflict customers who are in multiple databases.
  • Not only does Outsell give groups these configurable settings, but we organize stores into regions and/or specific markets. Inventory, locations, service centers, and other rules can be limited to the stores in each group for better cooperation and more accurate locations, or even luxury and non-luxury.
  • Finally, we work with our dealer group partners to create new content that tells their story, their way to their customers.

No Marketing Siloes

Don’t be limited by siloed group marketing. Talk to all your customers, all the time (in a way that is unique to them) by providing a customer-centric, personalized experience to everyone, based on brand instead of where they purchased.

Dealer Group OmniHub™ gives innovative dealer groups the technology and tools to increase customer retention and build long term loyalty to their brand and ALL their stores.