Converter Campaign: Engage Active Shoppers on Your Website Automatically

The Story

Dealers have long recognized the importance of their websites. Most actively monitor traffic using Google Analytics, and many have implemented the Automotive Standards Council for GA4 to optimize their site’s performance and conversion rates. They drive traffic to their sites through various search, display, and retargeting tactics to generate leads, sales, and appointments. However, even with these essential strategies, dealers who are not using a Customer Data Platform with Identity Resolution technology are missing out on significant opportunities. These opportunities include better understanding, serving, and retaining customers, increasing sales and service, and maximizing gross profits.


The Problem

According to one of the largest dealer groups, “For every person in your showroom, 71 customers are on your website.” Despite the high volume of website visitors, only a fraction leave their information. DealerOn reports that less than 3% of customers convert (Source: DealerOn: “Website Conversion Metrics for Dealerships”). Fortunately, dealers can still engage with and drive outcomes for those who visit their website but never submit a lead form.

The Solution

Outsell’s Converter Campaign, powered by Identity Resolution, allows dealers can identify, track, and target consumers shopping on their website. Identity Resolution links this website activity to customer records to not only further personalize recommendations but empower dealership teams with actionable consumer insights to improve sales. The Converter Campaign then automatically engages each customer with a unique direct mail and email based on their website activity.

The Results

By integrating the Converter Campaign into their strategy, dealers can bridge the gap between website visitors and actionable leads with unparalleled efficiency. This proactive approach not only enhances customer engagement but also drives significant ROI through personalized outreach. Embracing Identity Resolution technology ensures that every interaction is informed by comprehensive customer insights, empowering dealerships to maximize conversions and cultivate long-term customer relationships.

  • 87% more engagement for in-market shoppers. Every click is a signal from someone planning to buy.
  • 90% of the website activity is inventory related.
  • Higher Engagement Rates: The open rate is 3.5X higher and the click rate is 1.5X higher than a normal Outsell email.
  • Remarkable ROI: The preliminary ROI is 18% higher than the average Outsell 20:1 ROI – that’s 24% gross return for each dollar invested so far.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform passive browsing into active engagement—schedule a demo to discover how the Converter Campaign can elevate your dealership’s online presence today.