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Buyer Detection

Buyer Detection to Alert Your BDC & Sales Teams of In-Market Shoppers

Do you know who’s ready to buy and what they’re most interested in purchasing?


Alert your team when shoppers are in-market to make the most of sales opportunities.
Some of your best leads are already in your database. Outsell collects data through individualized communications to create unique consumer profiles that become more powerful and accurate with each interaction.
When a shopper is ready to buy, Buyer Detection ensures your team is the first to know.

What Buyer Detection Can Do For Your Dealership

active in-market shoppers are detected by Buyer Detection each month and sent to your sales team.

of prospects identified through Buyer Detection purchased a vehicle within 90 days.

The Consumer Profile

Each consumer profile created by the Outsell platform includes the individual’s current lifecycle stage, contact information, insight into shopping behavior, even vehicles shopped, serving you the information you want just like we serve your customers the engagement they want.
A rich data repository on every consumer all in one place, these profiles are complete with online and offline engagement history, a multi-touch attribution model, and an AI-assisted recommendation to help your BDC and Sales teams start the conversation the right way.

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