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Rae Nyberg
Rae Nyberg

Outsell Caring Committee Supports Community & Charity Involvement

Tran Dao Thanh Vy

Along with Outsell’s ongoing contributions to community and charity outreach, The Outsell Caring Committee participates in several worthwhile organizations through monetary and voluntary contributions. One such organization is Bridges to Learning, a non-profit based in Minnesota that provides resources for the education, health, and social development of impoverished children in developing countries.

Bridges to Learning and many other organizations Outsell is proud to be involved with can be found listed on The Outsell Caring Committee section of our webpage.

The Outsell Caring Committee is open to all Outsell employees wishing to participate actively or with individual projects. The Committee was reshaped last year when Account Executive, Justin Kramer, began overseeing the project. Outsell employees were able to vote on the community and charity programs important to them that the committee then chose and is regularly involved with.

Vy and siblings

Through Bridges to Learning, Outsell is the proud sponsor of Tran Dao Thanh Vy, a first grader at Anh Linh School in Ho Chi Ming City, Vietnam, where she lives with her family. Her birthday is December 27, 2002.

Bridges to Learning, founded by Jerilyn Hirsch and her husband in 2004, provides educational sponsorships for individual children along with direct financial assistance to their schools. Benefits can include nutritional programs, English language instruction, access to healthcare, and even construction of schools and dormitories.

Anh Linh Free School is able to provide breakfast and lunch, monthly haircuts, uniforms, and opportunity for special activities like a day at the water park or camping because of individual donations.


The next Outsell Caring Committee Event is the First Annual Outsell Food Drive with donations going to Joyce Uptown Food Shelf & the Southern Anoka County Assistance program. Please check back for updates on the food drive and other exciting holiday projects.

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