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December 5, 2011

Holiday Sales & Marketing

Now that it is December and snow has fallen in many places across the country, everyone is expecting great specials and deals at their favorite businesses. How you differentiate yourself with deals your competitors might not have thought of could be what sets you apart. Not doing anything outside of the norm, or, in the case of automotive dealerships, not doing anything other than your brand’s national deals, will only get you lost in the crowd., a site for small business advice in social media, said:  
“I always run a month long promotion in my small business. I have a new feature every single day leading up until Christmas. I really feel like my clients enjoy the surprise factor, not knowing what tomorrow’s special offer will be, and it keeps them coming back for more every time!” READ MORE
  Several blog entries on the site lately have been about holiday deals and their importance in making customers feel both appreciated and as if your business is offering something unique and worthy of their attention. Countdowns can create a sense of limited supply, and is a great addition for holiday specials since consumers are counting down the days anyway., the ecommerce and entrepreneurship blog, gave these four tips for running a successful holiday promotion: 1. Embrace the Season 2. Give People What They Want 3. Be Original 4. Find Your Advantage Offer discounts on oil changes before consumers start going off on those long family trips. Find your niche and reap the benefits. A few ideas from Under30CEO are to offer contests, gift certificates specifically for the holidays, and consider hosting Santa Claus. Nothing brings in customers like the chance for their children to sit on Santa’s lap, especially if it means avoiding the long line at the mall. And check out the Volkswagen Christmas Card, a true holiday innovation.

Are You Thinking Big This Holiday Season?

It comes as no surprise anymore to hear that digital is key. Smartphones, tablets, social media, email—these are all cornerstones of sales and marketing for successful industries, including automotive. The numbers say it all, as provided by iMedia Connection. 4 out of 5 new vehicle shoppers use the internet in their purchasing process. 2.4 million shoppers use Facebook as part of making their decision. 58% of consumers will mention the purchase of a new vehicle via social media, 82% of those mentions are positive, and social media is where potential new customers seek out dealer and vehicle reviews.
“Participating in the recent JD Power Automotive Internet Roundtable in Las Vegas, the biggest trends to emerge involved the potential of mobile and tablet, along with the importance of having a strong social media plan. There’s overwhelming data that speaks not only to the growth, but to the effectiveness of these emerging platforms for automotive marketers.” READ MORE
Volkswagen Netherlands has taken an innovative approach to the digital trend, and created a social media campaign to get consumers to choose either the classic Beetle or T1 model to be the new VW Fanwagen, which one lucky winner will get to take home. Of course to even participate, consumers must first LIKE the Volkswagen Netherlands Facebook Fanpage. The T1 campervan has the numbers so far, but there is still a month left to decide who takes the winning model home. This is a rare example of Facebook LIKES actually building a vehicle. More at PSFK. The 2012 Chevrolet Sonic is also showing off some impressive social media campaigns, along with a national campaign through Klout, the social site for measuring influence online. The campaign allows qualifying Klout users in Chicago, San Francisco, New York, Atlanta, and Dallas to sign up via the Klout Perks Program to drive a Sonic for a three-day test drive. The promotion runs through Dec. 14. Carolin Probst-lyer, manager of digital consumer engagement at Chevrolet, had this to say:
"We are aiming the Sonic squarely at consumers who are part of the Millennial generation. Partnering with Klout allows us to reach this audience, encourage them to get behind the wheel of a Sonic and use social media to share their driving experiences." READ MORE
Digital is key, and innovation brings success, especially as we near the holidays and end of the year car sales. Don’t miss out on your opportunities to do digital right! Photo by: Dave Pinter