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Outsell's Operations Project Manager

Where were you before coming to Outsell?

[Rita Van Pelt] Most recently I worked at FICO as a Sr. Project Manager Consultant for Professional Services. Prior to FICO, I have worked at a variety of firms in the Twin Cities - Target, US Bank, Wells Fargo, Prudential, RBC, Merrill Corporation, American Express and Thrivent, as a consultant or employee in Program Management and Project Management roles.


What key responsibilities do you have as part of your position at Outsell?

[Rita Van Pelt] To manage programs/projects, and to implement project management methodology, processes, templates and best practices.


What excites you most about the Outsell Digital Marketing Platform?

[Rita Van Pelt] The direction the company is taking to keep ahead of the market in delivering data-driven, all encompassing digital marketing products and services, which will result in many interesting, exciting & challenging projects to manage!


How do you keep active outside of work hours?

[Rita Van Pelt] I play as much tennis as I can – leagues, tournaments & drills. I have a very large family, I’m the oldest of six, have 15 nieces and nephews, 3 great nephews, one great niece, one daughter and one son-in-law AND one grandson. There is always some family activity going on – softball, bowling, soccer, t-ball, movies, playing cards & traveling! And of course the endless birthday & wedding celebrations! However, spending time and playing with my grandson, Logan, is one of my favorite things to do. Logan will be 2 yrs old in August, and I love it when I get home and I hear him running to meet me and he is chanting ‘Grandma is home…Grandma is home!’ During the Outsell walking contest for National Employee Health & Fitness Month I would take Logan out in the yard with his bubble blowing lawn mower and we would run back and forth across the lawn. I would push the mower so bubbles would be streaming out and Logan would try to catch the bubbles or stomp on them. He loves bubbles and I love spending time with him creating fun with whatever it is that we are doing. Keeping company with a toddler will keep you active! I also take a lot of pictures – no formal training, I just enjoy taking pictures – while traveling, doing things with my family…even at work events! I also like music & dancing…favorite local bands are The Bill & Tom Show and the Fanatics.


Tell us a little-known fact about you.

[Rita Van Pelt] I have been fortunate to have played on two World Team Tennis teams that qualified to play in the National tournament at Indian Wells, California. Both times I was able to stand right beside Billie Jean King in our team photo and participate in the tennis drills she conducted. Billie Jean is a great person and it was an honor to meet her. I also have an affinity for angels and actually collect cards with angels on them!

Michael Tomiak!

Michael took week 4 of the Outsell walking contest with over 100k steps, sweeping the overall competition for the true win at over 300k steps with Rita Van Pelt narrowly coming in second. Congratulations to Michael and Rita, and all the participating walkers. As 1st place winner Michael will receive 2 tickets to a Twins day game and that entire day off of work. Rita will receive a $50 giftcard to Target. Don’t forget to carry on the spirit of this month’s competition throughout the rest of the summer and keep on walking!

Congratulations to Rasik Phalak for winning week 3 of the Outsell fitness competition for National Employee Health & Fitness Month, with over 120k steps! Rasik’s impressive determination won him a $10 giftcard to Bruegger’s.

This Friday we’ll find out the winner for week 4 and the final overall winner for the month, who will get two Twins tickets for a day game and that entire day off of work, with 2nd place getting a $50 giftcard to Target.

Good luck as we near the home stretch!

May is National Employee Health & Fitness Month, and in the spirit of starting the summer off healthy with some friendly competition, Outsell has implemented a walking contest. Participating employees picked up pedometers starting Friday, April 29th, competing for weekly prizes and a final overall ‘most steps throughout the month’ prize.

Weekly winners get a $10 giftcard to either Target or Bruegger’s. The final monthly prize is two Twins tickets for a day game and that entire day off of work, with 2nd place getting a $50 giftcard to Target.

Competition has been tight. Week one went to Operations Project Manager, Rita Van Pelt, and week two was announced this morning as Operations Production Specialist, Michael Tomiak, with weekly steps nearing 80k!

Congratulations! And good luck to all in the remaining weeks of the competition!