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Cultivating a User-Centered Culture

Outsell’s Design & Integration Lead, Craig Vore, Campaign Operations Batch Manager, Katherine Lyman, and Campaign Operations Supervisor, Samantha McIntosh, attended a Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association (MIMA) sponsored event in January called “Cultivating a User-Centered Culture.” The event featured Nancy Lyons and Meghan Wilker of Geek Girls Guide and Clockwork Active Media Systems, aimed at both improving interactions with clients and employees.

Lyons and Wilker come from a company that has been named a “Psychologically Healthy Workplace.” Much of that comes from the practices they shared in their presentation, how everyone is a ‘user’ in some way of some aspect of every company, and that needs to be taken into consideration at all times.


May 11, 2011

Bagel Wednesday

Campaign Operations Batch Manager, Katherine Lyman, showed off her Outsell team spirit once again today with “Bagel Wednesday”, a weekly tradition providing fresh bagels and cream cheese for her team and anyone able to snag one before they’re gone. While Katy started the tradition, team members Kip Reynolds and Samantha McIntosh also take turns providing the bagels, with occasional guest appearances by Vice President of Operations, Susan Sperl.

Thanks for going the extra mile, Katy!