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January 10, 2011

A Better Website for 2011

As Seen in the Chat Room

As we kick off the new year, looking back on ways to improve sales tactics and marketing techniques is a number one priority for most company brands. One obvious area any company should look at is their website, especially for dealerships when online research is becoming a more frequently used customer tool.

The Montreal Gazette had a helpful article on rebooting digital marketing tactics, listing several tips on what to ask yourself this year as you prepare for 2011, including:

Does your website suck? There has been such a focus on social media that many business websites look tired, out-of-date and lack the functionality consumers expect. It might be time for a refresh or an overhaul of your website.

Everything starts with the website once a customer decides to check out a dealership online before heading to the store. The Outsell Live Chat Center gets feedback on hundreds of dealership websites daily. There are several common complaints and expectations our chatters receive when dealing with consumers online.


December 20, 2010

Car Lover Christmas Shopping

Happy Holidays!

This time of year customers are not only shopping for vehicles or accessories for themselves but also Christmas gifts for the car lover in their lives. There are many sites and lists out there describing great gift ideas for car lovers for the holidays. As customers are finishing up their last minute Christmas shopping, be sure you are prepared for the most wanted gifts on those lists.

Consumers are turning more and more to online shopping, and are increasingly more inclined to expect that dealerships will carry all of the accessories they might want, or at least be able to order them.

After vehicle purchase, as well as chats about parts and service, one of the most frequent requests coming into the Outsell Live Chat Center is about other general merchandise, everything from upgrading features on a customer’s vehicle to brand name T-shirts.

Common items on the car lover’s Christmas list this year are GPS navigation, satellite radio, warming seat covers, subscriptions to car magazines like TopGear, and portable vacuum cleaners for easy self-cleaning.

A recent article on for Christmas Gift Ideas for Car Lovers suggested that shoppers should always talk to a live agent when ordering gifts online to ensure they get what they want.

Good luck with Christmas sales this week for those open regular business hours and have a happy holiday!

December 13, 2010

The Outsell Soccer Team

Promoting Team Work & Positive Company Culture

Building and maintaining a strong company culture is important at Outsell, not only to management, but to every associate at our company.

Andres Perez, one of our agents from the Outsell Live Chat Center, wanted to form an Outsell soccer team to promote work relationships and add an outlet for competition and fun after work hours. He went to great lengths in order to recruit members and make the activity happen, which not only resulted in a successful team, but team uniforms to show our company pride.

The Outsell Soccer Team consists of 9 members currently: Andres Perez, Michael Tomiak, David Giberson, Sakib Akbar, Kailash Ramanathan, Dinesh Murali, CJ Ramos, John Uphoff, and newest recruit Tim Gilmore.

The Outsell Soccer Team

Games are played Sunday Nights at the Vadnais Heights Sports Dome as part of the adult men’s soccer league. The team’s first game was November 21st, playing nearly every week until Playoff Week January 16th.

Outsell is one of fifteen teams. So far our team has participated in three games, wining one, losing one, and tying the most recent, with a postponement of this past weekend’s game due to snowfall.

Be sure and check out more about this local sports center and leagues and other services they provide at their website.

Go Team Outsell! And good luck in the games ahead. You can see pictures of the team in action at the Outsell Facebook Fanpage.