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November 1, 2011

An Outsell Halloween

Trick or Treat!

This year’s Halloween bash at Outsell was better than ever with some truly spectacular costumes. This, of course, made it difficult to vote on best costumes, but somehow we managed.

Winners this year include:

Best Group: Alice in Wonderland, with Matt Hanley as the Mad Hatter, Judy Wright as the Queen of Hearts, Catherine Decker as the Cheshire Cat, and Kelly Kohlenberger as Alice. Most Creative: Our very own Corporate Vice President, Steve Farr, portrayed expertly by Matt Kristo. Best Overall: Gene Simmons in full KISS getup by President & CEO, Mike Wethington (his second year win in a row, but it isn’t ‘kissing’ up so much as Mike being a clear over-achiever). Thank you to everyone who dressed up and enjoyed the festivities with costumes, good food, and fun. Check out more pictures from the event at our Facebook page.
As part of a flurry of events for our Caring Committee here toward the end of the year, Outsell representatives attended the Bridges to Learning Gala and Fundraiser on October 21st to learn more about one of our closest Caring Committee partners and experience some great Vietnamese culture. For more information about Bridges to Learning, please check out their website. For more photos of the event, see our Facebook page. We appreciate each and every one of our Outsell team members, and those who participate with the Caring Committee, for exemplifying one of our most important core values of CARING. We look forward to continued support and participation through the end of the year!
The week before 4th of July weekend was abuzz at Outsell, especially between the hard-working Dealer Sales and Dealer Services teams. In the spirit of Sales Team Lead, Justin Kramer, and his commitment to keeping the blood flowing during long hours of hard selling, the rest of Dealer Sales took up the tradition of pushup breaks. Even with Kramer still recovering from a serious ankle injury, Dealer Sales considered themselves superior to any other department for physical prowess and challenged Dealer Services to a week-long pushup contest. Taking an average of the various team members’ pushups for a single score at the end of each day, Dealer Services took an early lead, but by Wednesday of last week the resolve in Dealer Sales strengthened and their daily average skyrocketed to as high as 60! The final count: Dealer Services: 206.4 total averaged pushups Dealer Sales: 242.25 total averaged pushups In the spirit of good sportsmanship, Dealer Services brought in bagels today to celebrate the Dealer Sales victory. Though I am sure this rivalry is far from over. The original response from Dealer Services to the pushup challenge:
Even though 1) we haven’t “taken up the tradition of pushup breaks", 2) we aren’t allowed to do pushups in the contact center, 3) we have a geriatric 1/8 of a ton’r, car accident bad back victim, and one partially removed tricep from a baseball injury...WE ACCEPT YOUR CHALLENGE! (with the stipulation of a second challenge of our choosing).
Fair play was also accompanied by many snarky comments between teams.
Dealer Sales: “I would like some validation on what kind of pushups they were doing, if any.” Dealer Services: “The type of pushups we did are called winning pushups!” Dealer Sales: “I guess we’ll need to use both arms today to compete.” Dealer Services: “You guys were using arms?”
But in the end, the numbers sided with Dealer Sales. Good game, teams! Stay tuned for the next challenge.

The first Outsell Product Day was held yesterday starting at 2pm and concluding with presentations around 4:30pm for announcements and celebration of June birthdays. Happy Hour followed with food and drinks, and a Wii gaming system was setup in the Lounge.

The purpose of Product Day was to inform all associates about everything they needed to know about Outsell products across departments, given in the form of presentations split up throughout the day. There were presentations on Live Chat, Email Campaigns, an Overview and look at the Reporting aspects of the Outsell Digital Engagement Platform, a tour of the Innovation Lab where our Development team works, a look at our Mobile Service Club option for dealers and use of QR Codes, and a station to cover our competitive market and industry trends.

Associates earned one raffle ticket for each presentation they attended. The winner of the final drawing for a gift card to Target was Corbett Ortmann in Campaign Operations.

It was especially exciting to see our Live Chat Specialists attending the presentations, as their schedules to fit our 24/7 service can make it difficult to participate in some company-wide functions. We were happy to provide different timeslots of the presentations to make sure as many associates as possible were able to attend.

Example Presentation Slide from Live Chat:


Thank you again to all participants and presenters! We look forward to our next Product Day and how we can improve the experience!

May 11, 2011

Bagel Wednesday

Campaign Operations Batch Manager, Katherine Lyman, showed off her Outsell team spirit once again today with “Bagel Wednesday”, a weekly tradition providing fresh bagels and cream cheese for her team and anyone able to snag one before they’re gone. While Katy started the tradition, team members Kip Reynolds and Samantha McIntosh also take turns providing the bagels, with occasional guest appearances by Vice President of Operations, Susan Sperl.

Thanks for going the extra mile, Katy!